Industrial Networks Are Evolving. Are You Ready?

Facing uncertainty and fierce competition, businesses have sped up digital transformation to bolster the flexibility and resilience of their operations. By merging IT and OT systems, businesses can take full advantage of digital technology to enhance local, remote, and cloud-based operations. Jonathan Lang, Research Director of Worldwide IT/OT Convergence Strategies at IDC, points out that an enhanced, more capable industrial network backbone is now even more important for improving business resilience.

To prepare for the future, it’s time for your industrial networks to evolve. Moxa is committed to helping industrial networks take the leap towards the next generation of networking.

Smoothen Your Transition to Future Networks

To meet future needs, businesses should not only focus on stable network connectivity, but also design the network to support seamless OT data connectivity. However, many companies hit a wall when trying to upgrade their industrial networks. To succeed and set yourself apart, you'll need the help of an expert.

  • Struggling to develop network communications to support current and future needs?
    With Moxa, you can build future usability and reliability for seamless data transmission and integration needs.
  • Having a hard time keeping your OT systems intelligent and secure at the same time?
    Moxa's secure networking solutions designed for OT engineers help ensure both network protection and availability.
  • Problems managing increasingly complex OT networks efficiently?
    Moxa's intuitive software can help reduce complexity and simplify device configuration and network management.

Must-haves for Future Industrial Networks -
TSN and Network Security

Unlock Opportunities With Unified TSN Networks

Futureproof your business with time-sensitive networking technology to realize higher productivity and take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Strengthen the Defense of Your OT Networks

Secure networking with layered of defense-in-depth protection can ensure both network protection and availability when transitioning to a converged infrastructure.

A New Era of Industrial Digital Transformation
Has Already Begun

Digital transformation is already happening across different industries, including intelligent transportation, power, and manufacturing. We’ve worked with forward-thinking businesses and helped them become more flexible and resilient with futureproof network solutions.

Building Futureproof Traffic Infrastructure for a Safer and More Efficient City

Forward-thinking cities like the City of Lancaster, USA, recognize the importance of using advanced networking technology to enhance interconnectivity to build a new Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) solution. With the support of digital network infrastructure, the city government reduced the need for human intervention by 67% and eased personal workloads.

Powering Up Economic Growth With Digital Substations

Partnering with Moxa, PEA leveraged our OT networking expertise to smoothly implement and maintain a digital substation communication system. This transformation enabled them to provide the necessary energy to power economic growth and transform cities into smart cities.

Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Time-sensitive Networking

Moxa has helped customers around the world tap into the benefits of adaptive manufacturing, revolutionizing their industrial operations. Through TSN technology, we helped customers reduce total cost of ownership, provide service as a service, and boost production and operational efficiency.